Viva Technology, the French-style European CES?

Viva Technology, the French-style European CES?

On June 15, 16 and 17, the largest French Tech rally was held in Paris for the second time. Co-organized by Publicis and Les Echos, this second edition was international in scope, supported by the visit of President Macron and other international headliners, including Alibaba’s General Manager. But behind these attempts to make Viva Technology a global event, what were the profiles of the participants in this event: more men than women? More Europeans than Americans?…. NamSor and Estimeo teams take stock with figures and graphs.

Let’s dare feminism in Tech!

The world of start-ups and new technologies is often blamed for being very masculine. And for good reason! The Tech industry only welcomes 10% women. However, 35% of Viva Tech’s speakers this year were women, 10 points more than in the previous edition. In France, this ratio is even 41% – a figure that is close to parity. Is this a sign of the rise of « Women Tech Power »?

A primarily European event, which leaves little room for emerging companies

For this second edition of Viva Tech, less French was spoken, leaving more space for Europeans and Americans. Among Europeans, the British were surprisingly well represented ahead of the Germans. Similarly, among North American stakeholders, more than 95% are American.

Concerning the so-called emerging continents, it is important to note that few Asians and Africans intervened despite the great figures present such as Daniel Zhang, CEO of Alibaba. Finally, it should be noted that Latin Americans and Australians are not among the subscribers. However, an article in Tech Crunch last May praised the conquering spirit of Latin American start-ups. We will undoubtedly hear from these innovators at the 3rd edition of Viva Tech.

Anyway, Viva Tech’s internationalization dynamic is underway, compared to 2016, and we look forward to 2018 to listen to more African, Asian and Latin American tech figures!

Florian Bercault,President of Estimeo and Elian Carsenat, Founder of Namsor

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