Effectuation Chronicles #17: Bloom At Work, Measuring Gross Workplace Happiness

Effectuation Chronicles #17: Bloom At Work, Measuring Gross Workplace Happiness

You are a manager: do you think your employees are fulfilled at work? Are you an employee: do you make your voice heard on your well-being at work? These questions, which form the basis for good social dialogue and better corporate performance, are often overlooked or even forgotten. Yet academic studies such as UC Berkeley’s show that happy employees are 86% more creative and innovative than others, and Gallup’s shows that successful Millennials at work take 41% less sick leave.

In a nutshell : Blessed are those who question themselves, they will be fulfilled!

Faced with this paradoxical observation, are there any solutions? Yes: Bloom at Work – whose literary meaning invites you to bloom, blossom and blossom at work. Their solution makes it possible to measure and analyse, regularly and in real time, the well-being and commitment of employees. Through these « scientificized » measurement tools, an appropriate action plan can be proposed.

This concept is fully in tune with the times, where meditation, yoga and foosball gurus flourish to escape the spectra of burn-out and boron-out. With more than 25 million working people in France, and an average expenditure of €40 per employee, the market for measuring well-being is estimated to represent nearly €1 billion, and is growing.

The Problem. The counter-culture of feedback.

Charles, 31, is a graduate engineer from Centrale Supélec, Columbia and Sciences Po. Over-graduated, he joined the prestigious strategy consulting firm McKinsey at the end of his studies. As expected, the pace of work is very intense. However, during the employee questionnaires sent out every two weeks, his colleagues do not complain frankly about the workload. Until the day a « cataclysmic » project pushed him and other members of his team to respond more severely to the questionnaire. Seeing his results, the partner in charge of the team brings the team together and starts a healthy and constructive discussion on the pace of work. And the results and conclusions are very positive. It’s a revelation! He leaves his consulting firm and makes a major career change.

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