Effectuation Chronicles #16: POSQA, Augmented Paper

Effectuation Chronicles #16: POSQA, Augmented Paper

In a nutshell. Emotion in augmented reality.

Thomas Templier, as his name suggests, is a traveller, a conqueror. He never forgets to send a postcard to his grandmother. The latter, always happy to discover his new adventures, inspired the young man. As soon as he finishes his studies, after a Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, he launches into the assault of augmented reality to arouse emotion, increasing for example the capacities of the postcard. Today, the young ESCE graduate is trying to revolutionize paper-based augmented reality communication. Its start-up: POSQA; and its Posqartes have travelled around the world and are now taking the market by surprise.

Located in Morning Coworking in Clichy, the POSQA team is composed of Thomas, founder, Thibaut, graphic designer, Rémi, 3D designer and Karen, the experienced consultant. The start-up also benefits from a sales force of five freelance business developers located in Lyon, Paris, Rennes and Montpellier.

The problem . A bridge between communications.

The world of communication always oscillates between paper and digital use. However, single-use paper often ends up in the garbage. As for digital, it requires above all an incarnation, a bait in order to create commitment. The QR Code could be the solution but for Thomas « it’s not aesthetic and it only redirects to a page »…

Article to be found in full on Forbes


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