Effectuation Chronicle #25: Bodyo, A Healthy Body In A Healthy Spirit

Effectuation Chronicle #25: Bodyo, A Healthy Body In A Healthy Spirit

No need to remind you how a lack of sport and poor nutrition can affect your health. There is a real awareness of the problem and the means exist to remedy it.

On the other hand, it is more difficult, without coaching, to be able to make a personalized effort as well as a long-term follow-up. Diets and fitness solutions are often blindly monitored and it is impossible to verify their positive effects in practice, except on « external » data such as weight. On this personalized follow-up and coaching, BodyO intervenes.

In a nutshell. Know yourself.

BodyO is a three-step solution that allows users to get to know each other better through a comprehensive health test. Using an AIPod, in other words an electronic booth worthy of science fiction movies, 19 parameters such as height, weight, blood pressure or blood sugar level are evaluated in less than 10 minutes. The patient receives a report analyzed by an artificial intelligence carefully developed by Patrice Coutard, a sports doctor, and his team.

The collected data are then correlated with the BodyO fitness application to monitor performance and health indicators. This is the second step, the « Live Healthier ». With coaching exercises or culinary preparations, the application helps you to make the effort and prepare the diet adapted to your needs. It is even possible to request a follow-up with a professional – doctor or coach – online.

Finally, under development is the « reward your health » using Blockchain technology. When you start the process, a smart contract is created, and you will receive BodyO tokens in your portfolio as you progress and work.

The remuneration is not only symbolic, it will be monetized! Whether in governments or mutuals, tokens can be exchanged for discounts or gifts. Indeed, for these institutions, there are many savings to be made by encouraging people to eat healthy and exercise…

The problem is. Prevention is better than cure.

With its solution, BodyO addresses a social problem. The gigantic health market is mainly focused on curative care. People get sick and they are treated. They have a poor lifestyle; problems emerge and are then treated. And these bad habits are very expensive, while 75% of the health costs deployed to treat obesity, hypertension and type 2 diabetes could be saved with prevention. To put it in figures, diabetes care accounted for 7.7 billion dollars in health insurance spending in 2013, according to the Ministry of Solidarity and Health.

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