Effectuation Chronicle #23: Private Cuvée, Giving Back To Wine Its Symbolic Value

Effectuation Chronicle #23: Private Cuvée, Giving Back To Wine Its Symbolic Value

Trend or real awareness, the return to the land is on the rise. A return to the land very often accompanied by the will to know the producers and their stories. Who wouldn’t be tempted to participate in one way or another in the production of what they consume? We can already adopt a hen and receive her eggs, or rent vegetable plots to benefit from vegetables. Why not repeat this experience of customizing products for the vine?

In two words: Adopting is trying

Suggest to wine lovers that they adopt vines in an exceptional estate in order to receive a high quality vintage in a bottle personalized with their name. This Private Cuvée concept aims both to offer a unique wine tasting experience and to bring the often novice consumer closer to the producer. This rapprochement is not just about logistics! In addition to a technical sheet on the sponsored vines, an invitation is offered to the client to visit the site and get to know the winegrower personally, his history and that of his wine.

The idea. At that time I was twenty years old….

Marie, Aurélie and Morgane meet at the HEC Oenology Association. Aurélie confides to us « it was during one of the Club’s events that we realized that by putting a winegrower and a story behind the bottle, the wine takes on its full meaning ». Then in the last year of their Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship, the three students decide to design a project that refocuses on this friendly relationship.

Marie, Aurélie and Morgane were able to pool their different personalities and appetites for the world of work around this project: Marie, winegrower’s daughter, for the relationship with the winegrowers and the management of the catalogue, Aurélie for finance and business development, and Morgane for the product and marketing.

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