Interviews preparation + Investors identification

The importance of preparing your interview and identifying the right investors

Preparing for the interview with the investors is essential to guarantee successful fund-raising. This involves not only fine-tuning the presentation of the project, but also researching and selecting the investors whose interests and areas of expertise best match the nature of the business. Understanding their expectations and investment history can help tailor the approach to align your value proposition with what they are looking for, maximising the chances of securing their financial backing. Identifying the right investors enables you to target those who, in addition to providing capital, can provide relevant strategic support for the company’s development.

Included in the pack

Interviews preparation
Training for discussions with investors

Investors identification
Identification of potential financial partners

Products included in the package

Interviews preparation

Preparing for interviews with investors is crucial for any start-up looking to raise funds. This means mastering the art of presenting your vision, your business model and your company’s growth prospects clearly and convincingly. We can help you structure your pitch and highlight the strong points of your project to maximise the impact of your presentation. What’s more, we can help you to anticipate the potential questions you may be faced with during interviews with investors.

Investors identification

Finding investors is an essential step for start-ups wishing to finance their expansion. We focus on identifying financial partners that specifically match your business and share your vision and ambitions. This increases your chances of finding investors who are aligned with your objectives and ready to support the development and success of your business.

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Why choose Estimeo for your fundraising?

Personalised support

You benefit from tailor-made support:

Analysis of potential and risk

An accurate assessment of the value of your start-up

A financing strategy tailored to your needs

Multidimensional expertise

We offer a comprehensive approach:

Support through the various stages of raising capital (optimising documents, preparing pitches, putting you in touch with investors)

Maximising your chances of success through preparation

Investors indentification

We can help you identify potential investors:

Identifying investors who are suited to your needs and ready to invest in your project.

Time saving and efficiency

Save time:

Streamline the fund-raising stages so you can concentrate on your core business

Save time and efficiency throughout the process

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