Effectuation Chronicle #33: Vidmizer, Watch Your Videos

Effectuation Chronicle #33: Vidmizer, Watch Your Videos

Just on YouTube alone, the most viewed video has gone from 2.2 billion in 2012 to more than 6 billion views in 2019, for Despacito. Whether you find it regrettable or not, the facts are there: video has established itself in a few years as a strategic tool for distribution that cannot be ignored. It is in this context that Vidmizer was designed.

According to predictions, by 2020, 82% of all consumer web traffic will be video. Video is nowadays the ideal way to amplify and engage Internet users. According to Forrester Research, 80% of Internet users watch a video when 20% read a text.

If video is a media with a high return on investment in terms of commitment and conversion, it must also be broadcast. In all sectors, managing videos well, effectively managing their distribution on social networks and websites, and effectively collecting associated data have become very important issues for brands.

In a nutshell. Video and Optimizer: Vidmizer

Vidmizer was born of the following intuition: video is for the company a heritage that must be managed as well as possible in order to make it profitable and to generate commitment and sales. The start-up aims to make companies agile with video and enable them to « transform the process of video production, management and distribution », explains the two co-founders Anne Gayat and Erwan Huhardeaux.

The process of distributing and managing video data is currently far from being sufficiently agile. Hence the creation of the SaaS VideoEngage platform to simplify the use of video for companies: more automation and optimization in sharing and publishing, simplified and efficient data management, all without the intervention of technical teams.

The problem is. How to benefit from innovation.

The observation of Vidmizer’s two entrepreneurs is very clear: video is the future of digital marketing. « Marketers will have to learn to use video in the same way they learned to use text and photos, » they explain. « And all the more so with the arrival of the cloud. »

Video is the Internet users’ preferred medium because it allows a lot of information to be conveyed – but it must not be of an advertising nature. This video format also increases the impact and memorization of messages and content. It would take thousands of words – or a pen of genius – to get the same message across in writing. Video is easier to distribute, better shared on social networks, « 12 times more » according to Anne, and easier to move up pages thanks to Google’s algorithms that greatly enhance this type of format.

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