Effectuation Chronicle #15: Pipplet Or One Click Language Certification

Effectuation Chronicle #15: Pipplet Or One Click Language Certification

In a nutshell. Do you speak english? « Yas, vary goude. »

Three atypical French engineers, Mathieu, Adrien and Baptiste, are at the origin of Pipplet, a start-up created in Paris in 2015. Far from English level tests such as TOEIC, Pipplet is a foreign language proficiency assessment service. Already 11 languages can be checked, ranging from English to Japanese and Portuguese from Brazil. What sets them apart from their competitors: « no cramming possible before the examination ». Their objective is to test an individual’s ability to understand and be understood in a professional context, both orally and in writing.

Our three « Frenchys » went to the same school: UTC, but met by chance in London. As he started his first job in the United Kingdom, Baptiste picked up his phone and there was a panic to understand his interlocutor! « It’s still weird that after 14 years of learning English I can’t understand a Welsh customer on the phone. » He was in a lot of trouble and so was his company. Baptiste therefore realized that there were gaps in language assessment in the human resources process. And their market has opened up to them: a decision-making tool for HR.

The problem is. Standardized tests and cramming.

Every student in higher education has gone through this: the certification of their level of English via TOEIC or TOEFL to graduate. To pass this standardized test, you don’t need to be a bilingual cador but rather a good cramming skills.

Article to be found in full on Forbes.


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