Effectuation Chronicle #13: Poetics, Hope Rock In A Punk Fashion

Effectuation Chronicle #13: Poetics, Hope Rock In A Punk Fashion

1967. The Beatles were releasing the iconic Sergeant Lonely Heart Club band. Johnny was the idol of the young people. Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot loved each other with style. Ah, the dream and nostalgia of the carefree yéyés… But here we are, the world has changed a lot. Or rather, we lost the naivety with which we looked at him. When we listen to the Beatles again, we think of separation and disappearance. The image of Johnny’s glory is replaced by a sordid quarrel over his succession. And if the ephemeral and flamboyant idyll of Gainsbourg and BB has kept its charm, it has not prevented their decline. The singing world of the Jungle Book is now that of global warming, increasing inequality and community violence. In the same disenchantment, the animal cause forbids us to wear the same clothes as the stars of the 1960s. A James Dean style perfecto may give you a great look, but it’s hard to miss the suffering needed to get all this leather, except for Poétique Paris.

In a nutshell. « Respectful aesthetics » is not an oxymoron.

Will our dark present mark the end of the black jacket? Not if we are to believe Pauline Weinmann and Cattleya Malejac, the founders of Poétique Paris. The start-up is positioning itself as the first fashion house to offer a vegan alternative to leather. Their perfectos, pants, skirts and shorts are made from grain leather and apple leather. Created in 2017, the start-up is a victim of its success.

Article to be found in full on Forbes.


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