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Effectuation Chronicle #14: MYRE, When the Stone Becomes Intelligent

In recent months we have witnessed the cautious growth of proptech. The real estate industry is still lagging behind in terms of digital transformation. Entire cities of real estate data are managed using inflexible tools or spreadsheets. While it is the great upheaval in the economy as a whole, it is now the turn of this island of stability to benefit from innovation. This shift is in any case the objective of the start-up we are talking about today, MYRE.

In three words. Rock-Paper-Saas

MYRE, pronounced « maïri » for « MY Real Estate », offers asset managers a tool to optimize the management of their assets. Their collaborative platform « developed by the business for the business » on the cloud is supported by four co-founders and is aimed at the management of tertiary assets (offices, warehouses, shops…). With a European market of more than €1 billion in its sights since 2017, the startup is already referencing more than 700,000 m² of assets on its platform and promises its clients an average time saving of 30% on management activity.

Article to be found in full on Forbes.

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