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A valuation adapted for startups

You are planning on raising funds?

You want to evaluate the value of a company?

You want to sell shares or to make an investment?

We use our expertise by weighting the financial analysis to the extra financial dimension of each startup.

Your valuation range in 5 minutes and for free.

valorisation startups

Valuation reports adapted for startups

Renowned by
financial institutions

A reliable and
accurate valuation

Up to 7 methods

analysed and weighted

A simple and quick process

Estimeo’s valuation process is optimised thanks to our platform, while keeping the human at the heart of our expertise.

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Ready to assess your startup?

Reports tailored to your needs


The valuation synthesis adapted to all needs. Assess the value of your company. Perfect for pre-seed companies..

✓ Automatic on declarative data

Current market data

✓ Custom report

Main uses of our customers:

- Refine the financing strategy

- Prepare an equity transaction


The justified valuation report, to facilitate negotiations. Particularly suitable for company founders, consultants and early-stage investors

Included Basics, and:

Justifications for the methods

IInformation for investors

 Detailed report (+ 20 pages)

Main uses of our customers:

- Investor relations

- Fundraising negotiations - M&A



Determine the suitability of projects with an independent third party certified valuation report

Included Business, and:

 Data consistency check

Interviews + feedback with analysts

 Arguments and analytics

Projected valuation

Main uses of our customers:

- Independent due diligence

- Closing of fundraising and Term Sheet

- BSPCE, BSA AIR and investments

Start for free with a first estimate

Your valuation range in 5 minutes and for free.

More than 10,000 startups evaluated

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Benefit from an adapted methodology

Thanks to a methodology adapted to innovative projects and companies, Estimeo’s valuation helps breaking down the assymetry of information that exists during the negotiation between an entrepreneur and an investor. Raise funds faster and easier.

We use several methods weighted according to the maturity and sector of each project.

Discover our different valuation methods below.


Dilutive method

The dilutive method is based on two criteria: on the one hand, the amount of funds that the entrepreneur wishes to raise to cover his or her equity needs for the next 12 to 24 months, and on the other hand, a standard dilution rate. the latter is determined by Estimeo according to the score generated by its proprietary algorithm and market data relative to the startup.

This elementary method has little weight in the calculation of the final valuation but is nevertheless relevant. Indeed, it puts into perspective the attractiveness of the company in terms of risk and potential compared to all the startups in the market and contextualizes the valuation in the global innovation financing market.

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