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Fundraising coaching

Enjoy a customised support and coaching to raise funds. 

Estimeo Advisory is a solution adapted to the challenges faced by esarly-stage startups, to make their financing easier, more accessible and faster. 

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A complete or tailor-made program


Financing strategy

In order to prepare a fundraising, the first step is to define its financing strategy in order to meet a financial need related to the company’s growth plan

Our tailor-made suppport is then determined thanks to the analysis of the potential, the risk and the fair value on the market of the company. We can now establish with you a coherent and orchestrable financing strategy


Document review

Following the validation of the financing strategy, we can proceed to the document review. The aim is to challenge and optimise the main documents composing the fundraising file, and to prepare their justification

In addition, document review also allows to sharpen the valuation, in particular by validating the feasibility of the associated business plan, the business model and the forecasts. 


Pitch training

If valuing your company correctly and having the right financing strategy is essential, the pitch remains the indispensable step of any fundraising. This exercise requires a specific presentation method, but also an excellent communication tool, without which it is very difficult to hold the attention of investors. 


Estimeo helps you prepare your pitch deck and present it in the best way possible. 


Investor Relations

To raise funds quickly, you need to approach the right people at the right time. Thanks to its position at the heart of the ecosystem, Estimeo has a network of early-stage investors and priviledged relationships to identify the right investors.

The investor relations service will allow you to enter into discussion with them, to prepare for negociations and to benefit from a follow-up as your discussions progress. 

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